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Write, don't talk

After all, the written word has substance. And that's why we’re devoting a new and limited special edition to writing – including stylish copper detailing.

Notebook Write, don't talk

Born of passion

Our thoughts and words have always been expressed most stylishly in writing. This is something we’ve always known at LEUCHTTURM1917. And our new Special Edition harks back to this piece of wisdom.

We’ve expressed our passion for the written word in stylish copper on the cover, which reads “Write, don’t talk”.

In case you didn’t know, this quotation is ascribed to Mies van der Rohe, director of the Bauhaus, and thus creates a link to our 100 Jahre Bauhaus Edition.

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The perfect gift

This special edition is inspired by the motto “Write, don’t talk”. The copper embossing stands out particularly well against the understated Powder or Grey background. 

The Hardcover Notebook in Medium A5 format is also the perfect gift – each comes in a high-quality gift box and, if you choose, can be accompanied by a matching Pen Loop and pencil. 

Notebook Write, don't talk

Write don't talk