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Neon! Edition

What a head-turner! It’s said that fashion trends always come back in style. This is definitely true of metallic tones and neon shades. Neon has been an enduring trend over the years and didn’t take long to come close to acquiring classic status. Right now, it's experiencing a huge comeback. We have taken this as an opportunity to dedicate a special edition to them, which combines both trends.

Notizbuch Neon! Edition


Is your home office decorated in a palette of classic colours like black, beige, white or cream? Then maybe it's time to add a little more colour.

The Neon! Edition plays with elements of the iconic pop art movement and boasts an array of special details. These items’ metallic and neon accepts will light up any desk.

The wrap band includes a set of stickers at the front and back – to help you make your notebook truly unique.

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Notizbuch Neon! Edition

Details in Neon!

The series includes four new notebooks with silver-coloured covers. The popular Dotted Lineature offers a great contrast to the coloured side cuts in Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow or Neon Green.

Matching Neon! Pen Loops and Neon! pencils are available to complete the series.

Notebook Neon! Edition


Pen Loop Neon! Edition

Pen Loops

Penicl Neon! Edition


Neon! Edition