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RED DOTS Edition

Always on point!

We dedicate a very special edition to the extremely popular Dotted ruling.

In the new RED DOTS Edition from LEUCHTTURM1917, our much-loved red dots are very much centre-stage – and the spotlight really suits them! In contrast to our classic notebooks, the dotted ruling is coloured red in this edition.

The red dots really stand out against the chamois-coloured paper and provide an excellent contrast. The red colour also goes very well with blue and black ink and its vibrancy really catches the eye. All these features make the notebook a tool that is as individual as you are.

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Something very special – the RED DOTS Edition

If you choose one of our RED DOTS Edition notebooks, you’ll soon realise that you've got something very special indeed.

The little dots on the individual pages aren’t the only red feature. To match the colour scheme of the ruling, we’ve added red page edging and a red-striped bookmark. These touches give the RED DOTS Edition its own distinctive look.

This special edition is available in the cover colours Army, Royal Blue and Anthracite.