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The Notebook Guide

Get to know our formats, rulings and bindings.

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Just your notebook - six formats offer you the right notebook for every occasion.

Master Notebook

Master A4+ (225 x 315 mm)

Sometimes more is more

Perfect for the office - A4 sheets disappear easily between pages thanks to the oversized format.


Notebook Classic

Composition B5 (178 x 254 mm)

A cult format in the US

For globetrotters - the notebook in tablet size, ideal for those who travel a lot.


Medium A5

Medium A5 (145 x 210 mm)

The all-rounder

Our most popular format – a double page is a perfect template for a DIN A4 photocopy.

Hardcover + Softcover

Notebook Classic

Paperback B6+ (125 x 190 mm)

As compact as the paperback

For minimalists – handy and compact, inspired by the paperback format.


Pocket A6

Pocket A6 (90 x 150 mm)

Concise in more ways than one

For all those who have the best thoughts on the road – the greatness to always be with you.

Hardcover + Softcover

Mini A7

Mini A7 (70 x 110 mm)

Me in mini format

For the smallest luggage – small enough for any bag, big enough for any idea.



While we have several favourites in terms of cover colour and format, for most people the lineation is a matter of faith.


White pages. No margin, no date.

Just the page number in the lower corner of the sheet. In addition, we enclose a sheet with lines and one with squares with every Master and Medium blank notebook.


On the dot.

Discreet dots, set at a distance of 5 mm, help to write in a straight line as well as serving as a template for creating tables and drawings.


A clear layout with lines.

In almost all formats the line spacing is the standard of 6 mm. The Master Classic offers a generous line spacing of 8.5 mm, including a margin for comments.


Fair and square.

In all formats and designs Kariert offers 5 × 5 mm squares. For invoices, tables and drawings. In Master format with extra margin for comments.


Choose between different textures without having to compromise on quality.

Notebook Classic


Tough on the outside, soft on the inside.

The hard cover with sturdy spine protects your pages. Also perfect when you need a stable writing pad when you're on the move.

Notebook Classic


Just as flexible as you.

Lighter and slimmer thanks to soft binding and a reduced number of pages, the softcovers are both minimalist and flexible.