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Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917


A stationery collection with substance and style.

The international media brand Monocle is a cosmos for the urban lifestyle.

We are united by a shared passion for design, high-quality products and our passion for thinking and writing. With the edition MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917, we present a high-quality stationery collection for modern urbanists. The first cooperation edition shows our favourite products in a premium look and featuring special details:

  • Binding in book cloth
  • Elegant gold monogram embossing
  • Content from the Monocle "Guide for a better living" and Monocle "City profiles"
  • Modern colours

Hardcover notebooks Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917


Minimalist and stylish.

Bound in high-quality book cloth, in stylish new colours and with the iconic MONOCLE monogram embossing in gold, MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks in a class of their own await you.  

As a special highlight, you will find twenty graphically designed tips and ideas from MONOCLE on the inside of the notebooks for a more conscious and decelerated life.


Accordion notebook Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917

Accordion Notebook

2-in-1 – a notebook and stylish home for your thoughts in one.

The exclusive Monocle Accordion Notebook is a practical organisational aid. Now in the elegant MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917 design - with hardcover book cloth and special gold monogram embossing. The special highlight: set off in light shades of colour, you will find a notebook at the front and a case with 3 separate compartments at the back.

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Drehgriffel Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917

Drehgriffel Nr. 1

The design object completely new in the MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917 edition.

This is how stylish writing works. The twice-award winning Drehgriffel no. 1 is available in the MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917 special edition with fine details in gold.

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This exclusive collaboration impresses with a minimalist and urban design – in addition to the typlical LEUCHTTURM1917 Details we've got these exclusive additions:

  • High quality linen cover
  • Monogram embossing and details in a noble gold

  • Exclusive content from Monocle in the "Guide for a Better Living" and "City Profiles" that come with each book. 

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Pen Loop Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917

Pen Loops

Accessories with style.

Now, where did I put my pen? The Pen Loop is the perfect addition to our notebooks – and also allows you to add a personal touch to your MONOCLE by LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook.

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