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The weatherproof notebook made from nautical chart paper.


Outlines - the Outdoor-Edition

The notebooks that can be used out in the open air to write notes and jot down thoughts, no matter what the weather is like.

The extraordinary thing about these notebooks is the weatherproof paper. The paper was developed by a German paper mill for the production of nautical charts. Ships throughout the world are equipped with nautical charts printed on this paper. To combat the rough meteorological conditions at sea, this paper consists of special properties that also make the notebooks in the “Outlines” series weatherproof. The paper is not coated, meaning that the paper can absorb colours and ink just like premium writing paper. However, the special process makes the paper weatherproof. Consequently, paper that becomes wet retains its stiff ness, and a pencil can still be used to write on it.

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The notebook for any weather

Even under severe weather conditions, it is possible to jot down notes which remain legible – guaranteed! The soft yet very durable and water-repellent cover makes the Outlines notebooks virtually indestructible. Whether you happen to be out in the rain or in a storm, whilst sailing, hiking, fi shing or gardening, down at the beach or up in the mountains – the Outlines notebook still proves its worth whatever the weather throws at you.

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Notebook Paperback (B6+), Outlines, Flexcover, Walden Green, dotted

Notebook Paperback (B6+), Outlines, Flexcover, Signal Orange, dotted

Our LEUCHTTURM1917 Details

The Outlines notebook also features useful details such as a world time map and a conversion table for international units of measure. It goes without saying that the notebooks in the Outlines Edition also feature details that are synonymous with the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand: two bookmarks, index, numbered pages, pocket in the back inside cover and a set of stickers for the cover. This edition is available as a paperback (B6+) with dotted ruling. The soft cover, which is available in Signal Orange or Walden Green, is made of particularly robust material, and comes with 89 numbered pages featuring 150 gsm nautical chart paper that does not absorb water.

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