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Notebooks are brand ambassadors

Combine the individuality of your brand with the individuality of a notebook and refine it with a logo embossing.

Whether as blind embossing or in color - make your brand a constant companion for your customers or employees. A notebook is more suitable than almost any other product as a brand carrier.


Phone: 201-342-1513 x215


Phone: 201-342-1513 x215

Logo embossing

Create an impression – a debossed logo on the notebook cover.

Our notebooks and calendars can be enhanced by e.g. stamping with a single-colored foil – a way to depict a deeply contrasting logo or lettering. With many notebook and foil colors available, there are hundreds of possible combinations. Alternatively, a blind (colorless) debossed  logo is possible – a process whereby neither ink nor foil is used. A three-dimensional effect is achieved by simply hot-pressing the material with a custom die.

Digital printing

Radiant motifs for a true eye-catcher.

Ideal for a photo-realistic portrayal using multi-colored motifs with color gradients and shades – color fastness and brilliance are even achieved on a colored cover.


Make your notebook personal by adding a unique print to each and every cover.

Names, titles, or individualized messages can be printed one-by-one on to each book. 


Take it to the next level with our premier assortment of notebook accessories.

Our iconic Drehgriffel coordinates perfectly with all our notebook colors. Easily affix it to the notebook with a coordinating or contrasting pen loop. 

Wrap Band and Closure Band

Our notebook wrap bands offer extra space to communicate with the reader. Create a personal message or use it to market your brand, and make for an impactful first impression. The wrap bands can be printed, embossed, or reshaped to your specifications. Custom contrasting closure bands can also set your custom notebook apart.

Gift box

A perfect enhancement – a matching gift box for your notebook.

You can decide whether you wish to have your items laminated in a film or wrapped up in gift packaging. The gift box can also be customised – for a complete picture.

A long lasting impression

A notebook that features your corporate logo on the cover or which contains a customized page layout, leaves a lasting impression. Notebooks accompany their owner to the next meeting, journey or to the café around the corner. They create a strong brand loyalty because they are always at hand. If the notebook is also embossed with the name of the intended recipient, this effect is enhanced. We are able to embellish our products starting with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Discover our product world and combine it with a host of embellished details – perfectly tailored to your needs.

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